Welfare Manager of F.M.P.I. National

How to implement the welfare plan effectively? What are the most suitable benefits for your employees? The reference consultant of F.M.P.I. Dr. Alfonso Elefante will help you find the most advantageous solutions for you and increase the well-being of your most precious resources: people.

email: a.elefante@fmpi.eu cell.

Dott. Alfonso Elefante



Corporate Welfare is the coordinated and structured set of initiatives with which companies take care of the needs of their employees and their families, granting benefits not so much in money as in the form of goods and services. a function of subsidiary integration to the various needs of workers and their families, through the provision of private company resources. The legislature, therefore, recognizing the social value of corporate welfare initiatives, allows, within certain limits, tax relief of the goods and services provided by the company.

1. Optimization of the tax advantage. In compliance with current legislation, articles 51 and 100 of the Consolidated Law on Income Taxes. 

2. Improvement of employee well-being.
Improvement of the corporate climate, decrease in turnover and absenteeism. 

3. Increase in purchasing power. 
Company contributions, discounts, promotions, agreements, goods and services with exclusive conditions.


A system of Benefits and Services to integrate the monetary remuneration system.


Thanks to tax incentives, flexible benefits generate a recovery of purchasing power for workers compared to an equivalent wage increase and for businesses considerable savings. Compensation policies are therefore more effective and economically advantageous for both parties. For the company: total exemption from contributions is provided on the sums allocated to the benefits. All sums intended for benefits are deductible from business income. For employees: the sums earmarked for benefits do not form part of the tax base.

Health Italia is one of the largest independent companies in the Italian market that operates primarily in corporate welfare and social / health care, offering solutions focused on the sectors in which it has developed and achieved excellent levels of know-how and experience. addresses the market with a complete approach to corporate welfare, integrating the offer of health plans and assistance services with flexible benefits programs. The service is provided through BenefitOnline, the supply and management platform of the program. Access to conventions and discounts has also been provided as an additional service thanks to which the employee can obtain goods and services with reduced rates and methods (extra budget flexible benefits).