About us

The Federation of Medium and Small Enterprises is an autonomous, independent, apolitical, non-partisan and non-profit employer association, with the aim of grouping and involving the operators of activities, prevalent but not exclusive, in the tertiary sector throughout the national territory to assist them in carrying out their business.

It is also the intention of the F.M.P.I. the signing of conventions and / or agreements with companies, both public and private entities, individuals and / or any person, in order to obtain to its members advantages and / or benefits inherent to their corporate and / or professional activity; the stipulation of national CCNL to protect companies in the specific sector to which they belong.

The Medium and Small Business Federation is a member of the bilateral bodies E.Bi.Conf. and E.Bi.Na.B.
Joining F.M.P.I. it is a very interesting opportunity for the company to take advantage of services and tools to support professional, entrepreneurial and human development. go
The national collective labor contract (abbreviated CCNL) is, in Italian labor law, a type of employment contract stipulated at national level between the organizations representing employees and their employers or by the respective social partners following bargaining. go
Mutua MBA is the largest Italian health mutual by number of members. It offers members medical services at reduced costs. It acts cooperatively and aims to safeguard the health and quality of life of its members.

Inter-professional fund

On 24 October 2019 the request presented by F.M.P.I. of recognition as Network Owner (TR) has had POSITIVE feedback from the National Joint Committee UGL and FederTerziario, according to the provisions of the interconfederal Agreement "Principles and rules for the implementation of the process of sharing the Social Parts of the Training Projects funded by FondItalia ", signed on 30 May 2018.
This recognition, ratified by the Board of Directors of the Fund on 23.10.2019, will allow our body to perform the functions envisaged for the Network Holders (TR) of Solidarity Company FondItalia for companies belonging to the network represented. KEEP READING


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