Health fund MBA

Mutua MBA is the largest Italian health mutual by number of members. It offers members medical services at reduced costs. It acts with a cooperative perspective and aims to safeguard the health and quality of life of its members. The negotiating force guaranteed by the high number of members, allows MBA to obtain strategic medical agreements and the involvement of private structures that enjoy a better reputation. MBA uses a Research Office made up of professionals from the medical, legal and statistical sector so that the proposed subsidies are a real response to the needs of the members. Unlike insurance companies, mutual societies such as MBA are non-profit organizations, regulated by legislation that is based on the law of April 15, 1886 No. 3818. In order to allow the Employees of the companies registered in the E.Bi.Conf. to take advantage of the benefits provided by the grant, MBA once given effect to the Health Plan will provide a reserved area through the link http: // ... where the member registering you can take advantage of the following services: Enter your bank details, in order to receive any refunds on the desired bank account. Update your e-mail and telephone numbers to be easily contacted by MBA and the Health Center. Download the necessary forms to access to the services in direct form or to request a refund.Consult and download all the documentation relating to MBA and to your Healthcare Aid (e.g. Statute, Implementing Regulation, Operating Guide, Healthcare Aid Regulation, MBA Communications). Central Health platform, dedicated to all the services offered by the Central. Communicate with MBA, by filling out the online form. available in the Reserved Area, without the need to send. 

Regulation of the MBA Health Fund

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